Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Preparing for another getaway!

It feels like Paul and I have been on the go for the past 2 weeks. Looking back, we really have... Starting first with our road trip to Monterey, came home for 2 days and took off to San Diego for 4, came home for 1 night and ventured to Palm Springs for a few more. Real life, hit me now.

I guess we are just trying to get all the feelings of freedom we can before our first big summer hit of weddings. Starting this weekend we are packed the next 7 weekends with 7 weddings before our next big getaway. Montana bay-bay!! Last year, we made an impulsive last minute decision to fly up there to meet with Paul's family between weekends to work relax there for a few days. After that, we promised to keep a weekend open in July next year wedding-free so we could go up again! This trip is so worth it. Today we made it official and booked our flight, Orange County --> Missoula, Montana, July 22nd come soon!

Exercise update or lack there of...
Treadmill and I haven't been reunited since San Diego. I'm so bad. But, 3 minute abs and my kettle ball are still very much a part of my life. And I did bust out this pyramid just before our Palm Springs trip. I was sore the whole time! It's so good.

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