Sunday, July 31, 2011

Montana living.

If there is a picture that could sum up our time at Montana this picture below would be it.

No Facebook, no Twitter, no emails, no editing...just enjoying a good book on the front porch of Grandma's cabin. Ah, the simple life. Each morning started with a big breakfast (something Paul and I aren't used to, but thoroughly enjoyed) and each evening ended with sitting around the table after dinner reading the daily devotional. Especially now, family time is so good! 

Most of the days were spent on the Lake where we knee boarded, wake boarded, cliff jumped, and I learned to single ski!! 

this hat on Paul cracks me up!

and when we weren't on the lake we were exploring the great outdoors!!

this was in the middle of an 8 mile hike, we were feeling hardcore ;-) 
The Gilster's have started so many traditions over the years of visiting Montana every summer. They include huckleberry Ice cream after each day on the lake, chicken foot dominos, hike to "the waterfall", daily devotional each night, squirrel hunting, lunch at Napps, and so many more. I love learning about them all :)

The day before we headed back to OC living, Grandma treated us all to dinner!

It was a perfect week and the perfect getaway from the craziness of wedding season! Until next year :)

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