Our Journey.

Our journey began in March of 2006. Paul and I attended the same high school in San Diego and had been noticing each other secretly at church for a few months. We had a couple mutual friends and he learned that each Spring I ran on the track & field team. Instead of going out for baseball like he usually did each year, he decided that if he wanted to finally meet me he had to be a part of the track team too! Over the first few weeks of practices we chatted occasionally and became friends. Soon enough he asked me to go on a date with him, and that is how it all began. 

We dated thru high school and into college which took us both up to Orange County. I attended Vanguard University and studied Communication with an emphasis on Cinema/Digital production. Paul made his way to Cal State Fullerton where he began his degree in Civil Engineering. After 3 years of serious dating we got engaged. Paul proposed on June 5th, 2009 (just so happened to be my 20th birthday) on Catalina Island. Since we were so young our parents strongly encouraged a longer engagement. We agreed and patiently waited 1 year and 2 weeks till our wedding on June 18th, 2010 where we celebrated at a winery in Temecula with 170 friends and family! 

After our wedding we honeymooned in Maui & Kauai for 10 days before returning back to real life. At this point we were 21 and 22 and finishing up our last year of undergrad. I was working part-time as a nanny and Paul was a server a Red Robin. We were barely getting by but loving every minute as newlyweds. Two months later we hit and ground running and started a small production company called 618 Studios (read about that here and here). Less than a year later we left of college jobs and became our own full time boss. 

Now we are 25 and 26, still living in Orange County, working for ourselves and Paul just finished up his Masters in Civil Engineering in May. As of now we plan to buy our first home soon while continuing to travel and grow our businesses. Children are a ways away but we do plan to add a puppy to our family later this year! That's our journey so far as the Gilsters.