Thursday, August 4, 2011

flying on a jet plane.

Well, a miracle happened recently. We survived July, the second busiest month of the year for us. We concurred 6 weddings ranging from San Diego to Santa Barbara and loved every minute of it. Ok, maybe not having to wake up at 3:00am for one of them..I'm pretty sure our bodies are still recovering from that one! They are all posted on our blog so just in case you missed any of them on my facebook, paul's facebook, 618's page, or both of our twitter accounts (yes, we realize we are social network fanatics) Go check them out ;-)

So now it's time to take down August, luckily with a little break, 3 weddings :) Tomorrow we will be catching a jet place, or Southwest airlines, however you want to say it (just keeping it classy)..and heading up to Berkeley. For the weekend! I havn't seen a lot of pictures from their Ceremony or reception venue but their Chapel looks pretty rad.

St. Mary's College (their alma mater!)

As much as we love destination weddings..they also come with their fare share of stress. Luckily we don't check in any of our camera bodies, lenses, or audio equipment. But we do have to check in our slider and all our tripods and monopods, meaning Paul and I are on edge from the moment we hand our precious luggage away, to the moment we have them in our hands at our destination. Then life is good again :) While in Berkeley we are hoping to spend some time in San Francisco, maybe grab some dinner. It will be Paul's first time exploring the city and I havn't been since the 6th grade so the trip is long overdue! If you think of us please pray for safe travels and no lost luggage!!

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