Monday, August 8, 2011

San Fran in a nutshell

Well, we made it home from Berkeley and if we had to sum up our entire trip in one word we would choose the word "interesting." Destination weddings are always a blur..since we still rent 80% of the lenses we shoot with it really ties us down to the rental scheduled (pick up Friday after noon, return on Monday before noon). It is such a bummer, especially in two weeks when we shoot in Chicago. We'd love to stay a couple days to enjoy the city but we are on a tight leash with these rentals..all the more reason to save up to purchase them I guess!

So our schedule on Friday:

Leave OC at 12:30pm
Arrive in Oakland at 2:30-ish.
Get rental car and check into Hotel, ahem I mean GHETTO Motel.

As much as I love Paul, he didn't quite do his research with this one. For those of you who have stayed at a La Quinta..please tell me your experiences because from what we experienced it was a step above a motel 6. Looking back on it now we are laughing, but we were a little sketched out. We decided that once we got past the Buddha shrine + overwhelming incense at the front desk, boy transporting his marijuana (with his mother) by box, the 2 person elevator, hallways smelling of urine, and our ghetto shower that didn't drain, everything was okay. ;-) We are in no way complaining about I said before we are laughing about it now and Paul vows to never stay in a La Quinta again.

Once we checked in and got the heck out of there..we made our way to San Fran!! **Side note, please excuse my outfit. It was freezing, so the "prep" look just sort of happened**

Dinner overlooking Fisherman's Warf

Paul calls this my "model picture" reality I was just daydreaming about the doughnuts 10 feet away.

We were sad that we only had a couple hours to explore before heading back to our hotel to get ready for Zack and Julie's big day on Saturday!! Here are a few image from their vintage themed wedding. I loved everything about it.

Merry-go-round + Bridal Party = bomb diggity.

This was my reception lifesaver..I'm such a sucker for cotton candy!

Our trip was short but sweet and we were so thankful that it went lost luggage. yayy!!

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