Friday, July 22, 2011

Just 2 crazy kids.

Wheww...what a day, blogging twice in one day, coffee at 9pm, pink eye in both eyes, hit 100 followers on Twitter, I'm living life on the edge that's for sure ;-) But seriously, today has been crazyy!! We're hopping on a plane in less than 48 hours and flying spontaneously to Montana to join Paul's family on their annual family vacation!!!

This morning I woke up, grabbed my laptop and randomly searched for flights from Orange County to Missoula, MT. The Gilsters had just left for Montana yesterday and would be arriving this evening. "Paul what if we just flew out to Montana and met your family, don't you wanna go?! We could go from Monday - Friday and be back for Saturday's wedding!" (I thought I was brilliant) This is what I got. "Kelley, think logically, no" Someone was craannkkyyy! ;-)

I texted my sis in law Lauren and told her my crazy plan, seconds later Paul's fam was calling me with a million questions..

"How serious are you about this?"
"When would you fly in?"
"How long would you stay for?"
"What if you left Sunday?"
"How much are tickets?"

They were ALL for it with me! After text after text, Paul was onboard and the tickets were purchased! After our wedding shoot tomorrow we will be leaving Sunday at 7:45am, arriving in Montana around 12:30pm and spending 5 full days big sky country! Lots of pics to come when we get back on Friday!

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