Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Here comes Twenty-three!

Thanks to Paul's over the top/thoughtful surprise, turning 23 was more fun than I ever imaged it would be. Sunday we woke up, got ready, and finished packing as I anxiously asked Paul a series of nosey questions to see if he would crack under the pressure. He didn't. Man this was going to be harder than I thought! In the midst of all of this....have you ever had to pack for a vacation where you had no idea where you were going? So challenging. Luckily Paul helped me out by telling me "it's going to be very hot and you won't ever need a jacket."

A couple hours later he told me it was time to go. He lead me out of our apartment and to the entrance of our complex. Our good friends Troy and Aimee jumped out of their car to greet me! I was so surprised! Everyone sealed their lips about the location and we began driving to the unknown destination. After a couple hours into our road trip we ended up in Palm Springs!! Whoa, I had no idea Paul was up to any of this :) Better yet, we were staying at the Ace Hotel - a super trendy/retro motel I had been dying to stay at for awhile! Is this real life?

The last three days were spent lounging poolside, ordering delicious beverages, staying out too late, laughing like crazy, shopping, and exploring. I couldn't have asked for anything more! Paul is too much :)

23 and it feels so good!

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