Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Woah, August.

How have I not been on here since June? Wow, I continue to fail at updating this thing. Well...let's see. July totally flew by! We celebrated the 4th up here for the first time, hosted a BBQ for Paul's family who came up. The 4th is my mom's birthday so normally we do some sort of pool party shin-dig in San Diego, swim, BBQ, have cocktails. It's super fun! This year though, my mom wanted to go to Catalina Island with my step-dad for the day since her big party was the following weekend. She had won this big Luau party at an auction event. Real random but a lot of fun, I totally felt like I was in Hawaii for the evening.

We only had 1 wedding in July which was a little slower than past years but we were totally okay with it! Paul and I felt like we finally had a chance to take a breath. For the past 3 months we had been drowning in our backlog! I'm just now coming out of it. When I begin to get overwhelmed and a tad bitter at how busy we are I have to stop myself and remember that busy is GOOD! We're incredibly lucky & it's selfish for me to feel that way. This has led to me pray more throughout the day or just have little conversations with God if you will. Just thanking Him for all the work He has brought our way! I also just started the devotional, Jesus Calling. I've heard so many good things and man; it's really that good!

Near the end of July we road tripped to Montana! Just the 3 of us; Paul, Arthur and I. Arthur was such a champ. He's such a great road trip dog, just sleeps the entire time or looks out the window quietly. We spent one overnight in Salt Lake City on our way up but drove for 18 hours straight on the way home!! Paul drove the entire way too. I offered to drive many times but he insisted doing it himself. I just think he doesn't trust me with his truck ;-) He also has said on numerous occasions that my driving terrifies him. So dramatic I tell you.
After vacation we came home to shoot 2 weddings & are now on a 3 week break until our next wedding in New York! It's been such a dream to shoot a wedding on the East Coast so saying I'm excited is an understatement. An entire week in the city! We found an awesome Airbnb out there on the Upper East Side just a few blocks from Central Park. When Paul and I went out there for the first time we both loved the surrounding areas of CP the most :) Our friends Troy & Aimee are coming out with us for a few days and then my college roommate Kelsey & her BF are coming down from Boston so hang for a couple nights. I can't wait for all the cute coffee shops, pizza (followed by lots of walking to burn off pizza) & subway riding to come! 

Other than counting down the days until NY. I feel like we've been fully taking advantage of this mid-summer break. Taking time to go to the beach (which for living 4 miles from we don't do enough) & going on lots of dates :) We've been really focusing on incorporating more dates in our life. I may have mentioned this before, but we go out with other couples or groups all the time but when it comes to just the 2 of us we were failing to make that a priority. I forgot how fun it was to go on dates together (insert girl dancing in red dress emoji)! 
We've also been doing a few home improvements & DIY projects during our time off :) Which...I'm going to save for another post because this one of getting dreadfully long!! If you've stuck with me this long I slow clap you :)

...Till next time (or 2 months from now!)

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