Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer loving

It's summer-time!! Cue the BBQ's, beach days & late nights! Last weekend we enjoyed our first weekend off since mid-April, and boy was it good. And the best part is? We have this coming weekend off as well! It was actually planned well in advance...I mean who wants to work on the 4th? Spending the entire day on my feet...orrrr sitting in a lawn chair eating a hot dog?
Last update was when we came home from Sonoma..Since then, we shot 2 more weddings. One in Hollywood and another up Santa Barbara! Both were amazing. In Santa Barbara, we stayed in the CUTEST Montecito bungalow. We've had the best luck with great Airbnb places lately, Paul was so impressed with my ability to find this one. Sadly we were only there one night but want to definitely go back with a group of friends to stay again! Traveling for work with Paul is one of my favorite things. We talk to friends who have kids now and they tell us to really soak up this time of life because work-cations won't always be this easy-going & spontaneous. So we're soaking up every ounce!

Oh and...since Sonoma we celebrated our 5 year anniversary!! 1/2 a decade, wow time is flying. On our anniversary we drove to San Diego to drop Arthur off (before our Santa Barbara trip) with Paul's mom and then went to a quaint brunch place in Solona Beach. We had taken my mom their for Mother's day and had the best time! Gifts were also exchanged..I got Paul a Leatherman & a new belt (he's worn the same belt for almost 10 years, it was time). He surprised me with new perfume, Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' For a year I've sprayed it on me when at any beauty or department store so I think he had a good idea of what I wanted ;-) We had big plans of going back to Hawaii where we honeymooned...and then we paid our quarterly business taxes. Let's jut say it took the wind out of our sails. Oh well, I'm just banking on shooting a wedding out there in the near future, but then again I've been banking on that for 4 years now! One day...

We're home now for a couple more weeks until heading up to Montana for the annual Gilster vacation. Paul has been counting down the days for months now! This year is going to be a little different because we're going to be driving up ourselves. We usually fly because of work and not having a totally reliable car but Paul has his Tacoma now so we're going for it! Still working out the details of which way we'll be taking. I don't mind just going up the I-15, but Paul has the California coast in mind. Stopping in San Fran, Portland & Seattle along the way and then over to Montana! I guess I better up my Airbnb game and get booking :)

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