Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Back home // Sonoma adventures

We're finally home and getting back into routine. It feels like we've been out of town so much lately! We had spent a couple days in San Diego prior to leaving for Sonoma, visiting family and dropping off Arthur with my mom so she could watch him. Road-tripped up there and then drove from Sonoma-San Diego to pick Arthur back up and spend another night down there. Needless to say it felt great to sleep in my own bed. There isn't anything better!

Our trip up to Sonoma was so good!! We drove up Thursday, got to our AirBnb (this was our 3rd time staying at THIS guest house, we both really like it!). Thursday night we went to grab dinner/drinks at Paul's favorite brewery, Russian River Brewery in cute downtown Santa Rosa. All of Santa Rosa is cute but their downtown is just especially cute. Friday was my B-day! We slept in and drove to Sonoma for brunch!! Sadly this place didn't have eggs benedict (my only bday request, haha) but their monster mimosa made up for it. We walked around together and window shopped before heading back to our guest house and taking a nap. I tend to take a lot of naps on vacation...or maybe it was the monster mimosa? Hmm...
Two weeks ago we added a drone to our video equipment collection. During our first flight with it we flew into a tree which ended in quite a bit of damage (this was a major part of my last post about stress). It was so scary!! Seeing thousands of dollars plummeting towards an unforgiving tree trunk was awful. Moving on...We're pretty excited about the new possibilities for our business with this new toy and had been practicing with it all last week (post crash and repairs).

One of my favorite parts of central/norcal are their golden hills with green trees! After my glorious nap, we found a regional park in Sonoma to fly it around and test it out again before flying it at a wedding for the FIRST time the next day. Afterwards I did a little birthday shopping and we went out to a fancy pizza restaurant only to leave hungry after our questionable median-sized pizza, haha. Not gonna lie I could have eaten the entire this myself so I knew Paul was still hungry too! Chick-fil-la was calling our name so we drove thru and headed back to our guest house. It wasn't the way I anticipated to spend my birthday..but I have to admit it was memorable!

 I hate attention and having to choose what to do (even with Paul!). He kept asking me throughout the day...so what do you want to do. I'd always respond, "tell me what you want to do!" Making the plans is just too much responsibility, haha. I mean, eggs benedict was all I wanted, that's about the extent of my requests. Our wedding on Saturday was beautiful, held at a private Tuscan estate in Kenwood, Ca. Next morning we ate at a local motel diner (sounds super weird, I know) that's delicious. We've been there a couple times before and guess what?! They had my eggs benedict #birthdaywishgranted...Cheers to 26!

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