Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stress management & Work-cation

 I worry from time to time. Ok, a lot of the time. When I'm being irrational, Paul often taps on my head, smirks at me and says, "What's going on in that little dumb brain." It's sounds harsh, your husband calling you dumb, but he's totally right I worry about the DUMBEST things. We're talking things/scenarios that haven't even happened yet! I'm serious. "Well what if this happens..." I say to him. "Well it hasn't so why are you worrying about it?" I recently searched the word "worry" on Pinterest and saw this pin that basically summed up my life.

I Lol-ed at myself when reading this.
Sometimes this irrational worry can be almost paralyzing and this worry turns into stress and about twice a year this stress turns into a mild meltdown. These mild meltdowns = escaping from work. I do this with frequent trips to TJ-Maxx, Old Navy/Gap, or Target. Not even to shop, just to escape my office (Which I'm saving for a future post) oh and also baths, like the longest baths ever and a good cry. So I had a week like this last week. "Let's go to San Diego and see our family" <-- See what I'm doing here? Another escape from work tactic. "How come?" "I just need to get away." So we did! Just to justify that I'm not a total runaway, I did bring down 1 hard drive to work on. It was a lot of fun and just the thing I needed. And then we got back and I fell into this worry spell all over again :( One thing I realized is how much I dislike my home office...

When we moved in almost a year ago we did a lot of new decorating and landscaping while the office just kind of sat there. And 1 year's still kind of just sitting here. And I hate it. It's cluttered and not functional at all. My entire life I've never been a tidy person but this year I began to realize how much better and refreshed I feel in a clean/organized house. Now, I'm craving the same for my workspace and I really thing that would make a huge impact on my "dumb" worrying.

Now let's move on from all this heavy stuff...we're going on vacation tomorrow! :) We have a wedding up in Napa, Ca this weekend! We'll be road-tripping since it's so much easier than flying with all our gear. I'm anticipating many-a-podcasts to help make the 7 hour drive pass by! This trip will be really good for us, Paul gets to visit his all time favorite brewery, Russian River again and We're still brainstorming birthday ideas for me. Turning 2-6 on Friday, yikes. I don't really care what we do that day as long as it starts off with a great breakfast place that serves eggs benedict, Mmmm!

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  1. You sound exactly like me. I tend to worry over absolutely nothing and then it gets me nowhere!