Friday, May 8, 2015

Monthly update blog has basically turned into a monthly update page, haha! I really wish I remembered to get on here and write more but I either start on a post and forget about it or just forget to write all together. Either way, here's my monthly update!

Lots of travels to come!

1. We booked out plane tickets to NEW YORK! We're moving! Juuuust kidding, I wish! We booked a wedding out there this September which is pretty cool, probably a current business highlight right now. We waited awhile to get our plans together because we weren't sure how long we wanted to stay, if any other commitments would interfere, etc. Then we just said, Hey let's just go for it so we'll be there for a whole week! Exploring in the city for 5 days and then heading out of the city to shoot the wedding for that weekend. I'm soooo excited! The plane tickets make it official to me, the hotel hasn't been booked, no other plans set. Just the plane tickets...and that's good enough for me :)

2. Napa next month!! In June we're traveling up to Napa again for work, a wedding in Kenwood. I absolutely love the area, we've been up 3x before and it's so peaceful and surreal. Being surrounded by all the vineyards brings me back to our wedding! It's about a 7 hour drive from home but thanks to This American Life podcasts the drive flies by!

3. Also, I've failed to mention about our road-trip up the CA coast and Sonoma last month! Paul wanted to travel up to the Russian River Brewery for his birthday (it's his absolute favorite) so we headed out on Easter Sunday, drove to Big Sur, camped for 1 night where we froze our buns off! The next day we continued up the coast and took out time while checking out Half moon bay, Monterey & Carmel. We finally made it to Sonoma and stayed at an adorable AirBnB that we had visited once before. It's soooo cool!! If you're ever in the area I would high recommend this place. Of course we took a couple trips to the Brewery for dinner & drinks since that was our whole purpose of the trip but we also went wine tasting one afternoon for the first time! I was totally up for a standard tasting experience but Paul wanted it to be more special so he insisted we upgrade to a private tasting, complete with a delicious cheese plate & dessert. Ok, he was right it was pretty awesome.

4. Montana in July! It's the annual Gilster family Montana trip and of course we wouldn't miss it. Usually we fly in/fly out because of our work schedule but this time it's going to work out for us to drive there for the first time! We have no idea where to visit along the way and are still mapping out our course. We could go the traditional/quick way up the 15N, oorrr we may head up the I-5 stopping in Portland or Seattle for a couple nights before driving East to Montana.

I really love the time of life we are in. It's probably been out favorite year of marriage. So many trips and moments of spontaneity have been happening lately!! This June we'll also be celebrating half a decade of marriage, YES 5 years!! We've been throwing some travel ideas out there but nothing has been officially nailed down. We'll for sure go somewhere though!! I'll let you know once we do, It may be in next months update!

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