Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello. It's me

So Adele's song, right? My husband is obsessed. I just want you all to think about a 27 year old white male blasting "Hello" in his Charcoal Toyota Tacoma (most likely with a Corgi on his lap) ok good. I'm glad we're all envisioning this now.

Well...Hello. I've punched out of the clock for the day (it's 10:57pm so I thought I'd call it a night) and am in the bath and thought, "it's probably time I wrote down thoughts & updated the blog." I'm honestly not even sure why I have this thing anymore but I'll pretend I'm faithful to it. Last post I left off talking about counting down days until our trip to NYC. We went, it was amazing (still want to live there, yes). This time it was all about seeing friends, eating & working. We had an awesome Airbnb in UES; which I must admit I'm a little bored with. We spent much more time in the LES, it felt more like our crowd, younger people in their mid-20's, fun food & drink spots and nightlife. UES is just kind of mommies & strollers, which was actually great to come home to such a quiet area at night so it had its pros & cons.

We spent about 5 nights in Manhattan before heading out of the city to Long Island where our wedding was. The day before we had some time to kill and The Hamptons were only an hour away so we took a drive out there. I wasn't expecting anything super cool, but man, it was super cool. Paul said it was the highlight of his entire NY trip. We hope to vacation there in the future!

After NY we had a couple weekends off and then we hit the ground running at the end of September with our last push of weddings for the season. Annnddd it really hasn't stopped since then! We finally had our first weekend off over Halloween but we've had so many corporate video shoots in between that the weekend was mainly spent catching up on editing. I'm grateful to have all this work now before our long break from December - February. BIG NEWS. Arthur (#arthur_thecorgi) turned 1 on Oct 26th. We're straight up obsessed with that dog, it's true. No we didn't throw a party but we did take him to sprinkles cupcakes for one of their homemade doggie cakes. So we're almost to that level of "those people" who would throw their dog a party...

Umm...what else? We're getting new neighbors, which we're super bummed about. We loved our neighbor! She was so sweet & quiet. Fingers crossed that we get someone as equally great this time around. I've thrown out some feeling on FB to see if we can get a friend or friend of friend to move next door ;-) Tonight is the first night it's felt like fall! #welcometothepartyCali With no AC and it being so friggen humid. We're so over it being in the 80's! It finally got down to 60 tonight and I milked the crap out of it. Cue Traders spiced cider, Christmas candles & sweatpants. Hey-yo!!!

Oh, also big news. Paul has been sending his resume out to Engineering firms. He's decided to get settled into a career in engineering. It's going to be such a change after solely working full-time together for 5 years but we're looking forward to something fresh. Although we're so happy with where we're at, if we ever want to buy a house in this area (I think we are Costa Mesa/Newport lifers) we're going to need to hustle for a couple years with dual incomes. The plan is to continue shooting together for a few more years, taking on the same amount of weddings & corporate work to save as much as we can. It's depressing how much homes are right now so we're not in any rush to buy anymore, especially since there's nothing in our neighborhood under $600k (insert crying emoji). We love our place now & super content so we'll see what happens!

I guess I'll throw in a pic so this post isn't totally boring. So here's my Halloween door're welcome ;-)
Wreath // Target
Planter // Home Goods
Painting // Home Goods
Ottoman // Ikea
Table // Made by Paul

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