Sunday, January 11, 2015

1 week until race day!

My half marathon is just 1 week away! Eek! My dad and I always fun them together which is fun and this time my friend Aimee will be joining us which will be awesome :) We've been doing 80% of our training together, especially on our long days. We tell endless stories (it keeps us going) and map our runs to pass by 1 of our houses for a quick water break. Yesterday our training called for a 10 mile run! The longest before race day. It rained a majority of the time which actually worked in our kept us cool and made for a fun couple hours :) We even got a few honks and waves from people on our route, they probably either thought we were crazy, cold or intense...I'm going with intense. Funny story about the photos least once a week our training calls for cross training (ie: swimming, elliptical, roller blading etc) For the past couple weeks we've decided that riding our beach cruisers around the neighborhood suffices as our cross training. Most likely not what the training guide had in mind, but hey It's a lot of fun!
Overall, it's been a big time commitment and has taken a lot of will power to stay on top of training over the past 16 weeks! We were actually talking about how excited we will be to have a break from running for awhile. Our plan is to do a 3 day juice cleanse next and possibly another Whole 30! As far as an exercise routine post race I'm wanting to get more into strength training, it's time to pull my dumb bells and kettle bell out of the closet and dust them off ;-) I think it will be good to give my body a rest from running for a little while! Okay, better stop blogging and get back to packing, we're headed to Big Bear with a big group of friends for the next couple days. Have a great start to your week everyone!

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  1. Umm....your bike is MY DREAM! I love it!!!! Best of luck on the half!!! :)