Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2nd half in the bag!

On Sunday I completed my 2nd half-marathon and ran alongside my good friend Aimee as she completed her 1st! Arthur (our puppy) was there for moral support as seen above, haha :) Not only was it her first half-marathon, it was her first race ever. Most people start with 5k's, transition to a 10k, maybe throw in a 15k and then go for a half-marathon. Nope, she really went for it! We ran it in a little over 2 hours, much better than we expected. After 16 weeks of training we felt so ready to throw in the towel for a bit on running but surprisingly 3 days later we are craving it again. It feels weird not to have a daily run on my "to do" list. After the race celebrated with brunch at this fun joint in Dana Point called Harbor House Cafe. Eggs benedict for me and french toast for Aimee!
 Celebrating with our medals!! Thank you Troy Grover for the mini photoshoot afterwards!

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