Friday, January 9, 2015

Arthur The Corgi

Tomorrow marks our first week as puppy parents. It's been so much fun, but we can already tell our guy is a sassy pup. His independent personality is cute and sweet now since he's so little but I just know we are in for it. Last Saturday we drove a couple hours up north where we met up with his breeder and 2 other families who live in So Cal. We all got our puppies that afternoon together!

In just 6 days, Arthur has really brought responsibility and routine into our lives. Paul and I were used to being out late with friends, sleeping in till 10:30am, going out and about as we pleased. Now, much of that is part of our flexible work schedule, but this guy really has given us a rhythm. During our first night with him we got into bed at 11pm and he was ready to party the next morning at 7am! We couldn't remember the last time we had seen 7am, haha. We're also crate training so Paul and I each get up once to take him out for a potty break. They are usually spread out every 3 hours so if we're in bed at 11pm, I'll get up to take him out at 2am and Paul at 5am. It really hasn't been all that bad! I mean we are tired but both agreed not as tired as we thought. He's all worth it. Super cute and that face! I can't handle his cuteness...
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Arthur is also our "surprise puppy child" as we call him. He's actually not the dog we originally put a deposit's kind of a long story that I will share in detail later. A shock at first but it all worked out! Right now we are still actively working on potty training, he's learned to play fetch and loves eating leaves. We can't wait to take him on outings with us when he gets all his shots. In the meantime, he's completely content with wandering around our fenced front yard while eating leaves! Guys...I FINALLY have my puppy!


  1. he's so cute!!! my fiancé wants a puppy so bad when we get married. we went to the Puppy Barn yesterday and he was obsessed! picture HERE. he wanted that lab in the picture so bad, and i had to stop him from going to get his wallet hahaha! i'll have to show him your post so he can see how much work a puppy is! ;)

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

  2. Puppies are no joke!! But Arthur is SO cute!