Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer nights and market lights.

When we were looking for make the move from apartment living to actual home living one thing I couldn't wait for is an outdoor place where friends could gather. I absolutely love the ambiance and fun feel that market lights give to a space, so those were a must have! When we finally found our place and moved in Paul and I weren't quite sure where the best space for our coveted lights would fit. We have a front yard, a smaller entry "courtyard" and a side back space.  Our first choice was the entry courtyard but we had no outdoor outlet and really nowhere to hang the lights. After much debate we finally came up with a plan.

Our courtyard is a bit awkward in the fact that it wasn't completely closed in…Our neighbors in the back house had put up lattice to enclose their patio a bit more so we followed their lead and did the same! Privatize patio, check. We then ran white extension cords from our back side area (we have an outlet over there) around the entire house, hiding the cords so that it looked clean. Power, check. We used 2x4's to secure the lattice and also to serve as posts to string our lights. Security and place to string lights, check. And here's how it all came out! It was a long project but so worth it. We now have the outdoor entertaining space we always envisioned. We don't have an outdoor dining table just yet, I know the one I want, I just have to either bite the bullet and buy it or find it on Craigslist :) So I'm still on the search! We enjoyed these lights for many Summer nights and will continue to use them in the warmer Fall evenings to come!

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