Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Prepping for training

With the weather cooling down a bit I'm getting excited to begin training for my 2nd half-marathon in January! My dad signed me up for it back in June, it was my birthday present haha. For awhile my fellow runner friend Natalie was pushing me to do the full marathon with her. I always turned the idea down say I had no interest in running 26.2 miles. After many attempts she finally convinced me and for a little while we were actually set to run it together. Unfortunately last week Natalie got injured and so she had to back out which is really smart of her. So now we are back to the original plan of training for the 1/2! We may run a full together in March/April :)

I follow a 12 week training plan so I technically don't need to begin until later next month but I've getting myself comfortable with running 2-3 miles almost everyday because my IT band has been acting up a little bit and it is effecting my right knee. I've been really diligent about doing the right stretches before each run (even if it's only a mile) and I purchased a foam roller. So far I haven't had any pain on my last 2 runs so I'm feeling very confident right now!
I'm getting myself all ready for training, purchased a new pair of shoes (they are beauts!) and a few new exercise clothes items. It always helps me get more excited for training!!

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