Friday, September 26, 2014

Friends & hosting

Something I have really grown to enjoy is hosting. When Paul and I were first married the idea of hosting intimidated me a little bit and looking back 4 years ago I'll admit I was not the best at it. My mom was always such a great host and I really admired that growing up. Even just a simple get together with my aunt and uncle or a couple of her closest girl friends. She had a bottle of wine open ready to serve, always had the best appetizers. To this day I still look forward to dinner parties at her place mainly due to her pre-dinner snacks. She made hosting look so easy!

Overall I know that I notice and appreciate a great host and because of that I've really made it a point to grow in that area! Recently I had a little get-together at my place for the premier of Parenthood's final season. I'm a little devastated.

It's been a little warm out still so I decided that a simple summer sangria and a chilled lentil dip would be a great mid lunch/dinner snack. A friend introduced me to this awesome lentil recipe, it love it and it's super easy to make!! Only 3 ingredients and you can pick them all up at Trader Joes.
If you don't have a Traders nearby I'm sure you can find these items at any grocery store but what you will need is lentils (I like to get the pre-cooked ones), Crumbled feta cheese and a bruschetta mix. First add put lentils into your serving bowl and mix in bruschetta and feta to your liking! Serve with corn tortilla chips. 

For the sangria, I used a new recipe that I found on Pinterest! You can find it HERE. One thing I ended up doing differently is adding 1/3 cup of sugar. Both Paul and I decided it needed some sweetness after sampling it. I was serving to a smaller group so I cut the recipe in half. It was super good!
Happy Hosting!


  1. Ah! I'm so sad about Parenthood finale season.
    and hosting still totally overwhelms me. hoping someday I'll be brave like you :)

    1. I feel like it will always be a bit overwhelming but I know you can do it!

  2. very nice post !

  3. That recipe sounds delicious! A perfect pre-meal snack! I might have to try that soon!