Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Life lately

We've been lucky with a couple work breaks this summer where we have multiple weeks off from weddings. They have been thoroughly enjoyed and it has helped up feel "afloat" this wedding season. We've continually been adding new things to our place. Indoor plants are my latest favorite. I snagged this pretty pot from TJ Maxx (on clearance may I add) and it fits perfectly in our place. My friend Candice also does macramé plant holders and made us one to use indoor or outdoor. There was a ceiling hook in one corner of our dining area so I felt it was meant to be. I'm still in search for the right plants and pots to fill it with! That's pretty much it in the home department.
These breaks have also been awesome because I've had the time to reorganize. Paul and I went through our dresser drawers/closets and bagged so many of our older clothes to donate to Goodwill. I feel like we never have time for that kind of stuff and I always feel a little more free with less clutter! We've also had more time to visit home this summer. Last week we came down for a wedding but made a weekend out of it, spent time with my mom, step dad and Paul's parents as well. My parents have a pool so it's great for these HOT summer days. Then we also came back to visit a couple days ago to watch Paul's little brother play football. He's a senior this year so we hope to make as many home games as we can!
Also…we have a new addition to the family! Paul bought himself a new car! He totally deserves it and it was a looonngg time coming. He previously drove a 1998 Honda Civic that had 230k miles for 8 years! He was a really good sport about it although I knew how much he despised that piece and waited until we had the finances to get him something nicer. So he now has a 2015 Toyota Tacoma! Major upgrade if you ask me. Although I originally wasn't too sure about the idea of adding a truck to the family it's actually really fun and we've been enjoying it a lot! We sometimes take late night drives on the PCH with it, windows down, music up, an iced coffee :)

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  1. Congrats on the new truck Paul! My husband was driving a beat '97 Honda Civic, and now drives a Toyota 4-Runner. I was SO happy when he sold that nasty civic.

    And that plant pot is so cute!