Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you. Or in Costa Mesa!

THE HUNT IS OVER! Last Friday was a happy day. We officially placed a deposit and signed the least of our new home!! After a very long and disheartening hunt over the past 6 months, it's over. I'm so excited to make this new place home! Tomorrow we officially get the keys and then we'll begin the process of moving in over the next 3 weeks. I've already found my favorite thing about our new home, 3 words. Wood.Burning.Fireplace! That's it, I'm ready for winter...well, a California winter.
A little bit about the place. It's in the heart of Eastside Costa Mesa, 1 mile from E 17th St (where all the fun shops and restaurants are). 3 miles from the beach/PCH, back bay is nearby, the fairgrounds, so many fun things. It's a 2br, 1ba, probably about 900sqft so pretty quaint. It also has a fenced/grassy front yard, patio and small back patio. Wake me up I must be dreaming! Once we begin getting settled, I'll do a little tour and I'm anxious to get working on a few new projects. Woohoo! Let's get packing.


  1. SO happy for you guys. My husband and I would KILL to live in Costa Mesa area! Can't wait to see it all decorated :)

  2. Im so excited for you guys!! I'd kill for a fireplace :)