Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A film, finals, and future new residence?

FINALS // Although I've been a college graduate for 3 years, with my husband in the graduate program at Cal State Fullerton I seem to still be living vicariously thru him, especially during finals week and the weeks that lead up to it. For 3+ weeks our office turns into a serious study zone. The coffee overflows and the late nights pile up. It's actually pretty fun when you aren't the one having to do the work, brings me back to the college days. I really miss it actually. Paul you keep me young. He sometimes talks about Law school. Geez, for a guy who hates school he seems to be all about it.

FILM // We have a new wedding highlight up on our blog! A cute wedding from last month at the Westlake Village Inn. Maybe you've heard of it? The real housewives of OC stayed there once. Those girls.. you just hate to love them. Am I right?
FUTURE RESIDENCE? // Sunday we went to an open house for a little place for rent in Eastside. I've been to my fair share of these open houses and I know exactly how they go. Instead of explaining the whole scenario just think of 20 starving vultures that get a glimpse of a fresh coyote carcass. Potential renters as the vultures and landlord as the coyote carcass. It's just crazy, so I wasn't expecting much. The open house was scheduled from 11am-2pm and we showed up casually at Noon right after church. We were pleasantly surprised that there were no other people there, we were able to tour the place and casually chat with the landlord for a good 10 minutes. It was great. We took two applications and thought, "what the heck, it's a long shot but let's just see." Two days later, the landlord called me and offered us the place! Now before you jump up and down which I'm sure you want to...he still has to run our credit and chat with references. I'm not too worried but after our last incident with a landlord offering us a place I'm a little weary. Please keep us in your prayers and I'll try to update ASAP. I'm saving for my celebratory jumping up and down for when I have that key in my hand.


  1. If I still lived nearby I would meet you at Gypsy and we would drink lots o' big train chai and spend money at Urban and life would be great! I miss you lady.

  2. I hope you get it!!! Praying!

    And you guys always pick such awesome background music for your videos. How do you even choose?!?

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    2. We get our music from www.themusicbed.com, it does take a lot of time to fit the right fit :)