Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A sad day made better.

So our hunt for a fun little beach cottage continues…I'm pretty much addicted to Craigslist right now. It's unhealthy, but I'm super committed. We actually had a beach cottage last week…for 15 minutes. Yes for 15 minutes Paul and I were on cloud 9 beaming with excitement and disbelief. 15 whole minutes. Here's how it started...

I was casually checking out Craigslist while waiting for a film to export and came across the cutest little place. Eastside Costa Mesa, 16th St, 2br 1ba, front AND backyard. Too perfect. So I called on it and an hour later we met up with the landlord. We loved it and he actually begged us to apply for it because "I've been doing this for a long time and I know when I meet good renters." Say no more Joe. I dropped Paul off to get a haircut, filled out our applications, got copies of our drivers license and had everything back to him in less than an hour. Joe was excited and said that he would let us know ASAP after the weekend. Longest weekend of my life. Monday afternoon Joe called.

Joe - "Hey Kelley, so you guys want the place?"
Me - "Yes! We are 100%, I can drive the deposit over right now"
Joe - "Ok I just want to make sure you're 100% before I call this other guy who applied and let him know."
Me - "Yes we want it, I'll bring the check over. Thank you soooo much we are very excited"
Joe - "Ok great, I'm excited too, now I have to call this other applicant and do the dirty work."
Me - "Ok I'll see you soon with the check, thank you!" 

I hang up the phone and I'm literally jumping up in down in our office "We got it, we really got it." Grabbed a check, even wrote out a thank you note for our new landlord. I hadn't been this excited in a long time. It had been such a journey to find a place and we finally had one! FINALLY. So I'm on my way out the door and my phone rings, I recognized the number, it was Joe. I just knew. You know that feeling you have when you know something bad is going to happen before it actually does. Yeah, that happened. My stomach dropped as I answered the phone.

Joe - "Hey Kelley…I just have some really bad news"
Me - "Oh, really?"
Joe - Yeah I just called that other guy to tell him that I went with someone else and he was just really bummed, he has been looking for a really long time and I just couldn't do it. I'm so sorry."
Me - Oh wow…is there anything we can do? I mean you just told us that we had it, I'm on my way with the deposit right now"
Joe - Yeah I'm so sorry about that, It's just that this guy really wanted it.

We wanted it. We've been looking for a really long time. We've lost money on multiple non-refundable rental applications just to be told they went with someone else. We would have been just as bummed as this guy was. Joe just kept apologizing and I just kept saying, "Wow yeah, this really sucks." I just couldn't believe it, we were back to square one. It would have been easier if he told us we didn't get it at all. I'm sure some of you are thinking, ok you didn't get the place, first world problems. No it isn't the end of the world, but it's something we've wanted and prayed on for a long time. And with anything that you consistently pray for may it be employment, or a healed relationship, or a friend who is lost spiritually, fertility or for anything out there where you just wanted an answer to your prayer, it can begin the weight on you emotionally. So for 15 minutes we had thought our prayers were answered.

My friend Natalie came over that afternoon, I told her she could shop in my closet and take some of my old clothes. While we were hanging out Paul said that he was heading to Office Depot to pick up some flash cards, he's in intense study mode right now so it made sense. He came home, Natalie and I were still busy chatting and when she left I went back to the office. There was a Nordstrom box sitting on my printer. "I got you a little something" Paul said. What a guy. I opened it up and saw this, a new Marc Jacobs bag. One that I had my eye on for a couple months.
He said that he knew how bummed out I was and just wanted to get me this to help me feel better, knowing I would never buy it for myself. He's right. I promise I'm not a complete diva who is all into designer bags, a simple note would have meant the world to be as well. But this was just so thoughtful. So we're just moving forward and still praying that God will present us with a great place where He wants us. The search continues!

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  1. Girl, I'm so so sorry you didn't get the place...that is such a bummer! But you know what? Gods got an even BETTER place lined up for you, I just know it. What a gorgeous bag!! What a man :)