Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Completing the whole 30 - before/after

So as you probably noticed, the whole 3 challenge basically took over my blog throughout the month of March. And I finally finished it! It was an overall amazing experience which I would recommend to everyone! This challenge teaches you so much about your body and stretches your level of self discipline. As great as it was, it's also many other things...tough, very restrictive and somewhat inconvenient at times. I had no idea what I was signing myself up for going into the whole 30, it's a big commitment and 30 days is a lot longer than you think! BUT totally worth it overall. On my first day of the whole 30 challenge I snapped a "before" photo (left). I'm 5'4" and was 126lbs at the time. I wasn't unhappy with my body, but I wasn't completely proud either.

A short backstory...In college I fluctuated between 120-125, when I got married I was 118 and by the time our 2 year anniversary came around I was suddenly 131. Now it sounds like I'm married to my scale but honestly I'm not, numbers don't mean a lot to me and although we have a scale in our bathroom, I probably only step on it once a month. These are just the numbers that stood out to me. Once I realized that I had gained nearly 15lbs since our wedding I began running again, juicing and being more mindful...after all, my 15 year old metabolism just wasn't keeping up like it used to anymore. I lost some weight but still found myself stuck around 125-130. I upped my workout regimen but secretly knew that what needed to change were my eating habits. This is where the whole 30 comes into the picture! 30 days later I snapped this "after" photo (right). I was really amazed with how my body had changed in just 4 weeks!! I lost a total of 6lbs and feel awesome inside and out :)


  1. Go You!! This is awesome!! I LOVE juicing!!!

  2. HOLY CRAP, where did your waist go?!?!
    Good job girl, you rocked it! I plan on doing the same thing in May!

  3. Congratulations on sticking to the regime, it couldn't have been easy! The transformation looks amazing, your waist looks like you've been working out loads! Well done, you should definitely treat yourself now. Any excuse for some new shoes! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk