Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Well, there goes April!

You know when you promise yourself that you'll be better at consistently blogging and then fail time and time again? Yeah, that's my life. Geez, April just came and went! We had a busy month for our business which was really great. I'm so excited for this whole year, I feel like awesome opportunities have suddenly come our way and we feel truly humbled by all of it.

Lately I've been feeling a bit run down on working from home so last week I made a point to get out of my normal routine a bit. Don't get me wrong, working from home is really awesome. I'll gladly work in my PJ's till 3pm and commute 12 steps from my bed to work (most days), but sometimes it just feels great to get out.

On Tuesday I woke up, showered (hallelujah), put together an outfit, grabbed my laptop and went to work at a nearby coffee shop. As I sat there sipping my Vanilla Latte and rough cutting a new wedding film, my heart felt so full. I'm sure I've talked about how extreme of an extrovert I am...back in college when my roommate was out of town or my floor felt particularly empty I would purposively pack up my things and head to the library to complete a homework assignment or study for an exam, just so that I could be around people! I rarely would talk to anyone, but just being in the presence of other students made me feel happy. I see this cycle continuing. Possibly a coffee shop work day twice a week?

Speaking of new routines, Paul and I started running together! Running is being optimistic, it's more like light jogging with heavy wheezing. We are so out of shape or as we say "fat and happy together" haha ;-) We ran a couple miles just yesterday, our splits were 8 minutes 45 seconds. We were thrilled. I'm pretty sure in high school PE that was considered below average as a mile time. Well…I guess all we can do is improve. If you see a married couple in their mid-twenties running around newport/costa mesa looking like they're about to die..it's most likely us so give us a sympathy wave.

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