Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to "whole30" in social gatherings

Social settings continue to be the biggest challenge when it comes to maintaining my strict whole 30 diet. For one, I'm always tempted by the other unhealthy options and two, I never wanted to be "that person." You know...the overly healthy pain in the butt friend? We all have them. So here's my tips of how to survive a gathering while on the whole 30. Last week we got invited to a casual BBQ. It was a mix of friends and new acquaintances so I didn't want to come off as "the loser girl with the diet."

Tip #1: Make sure you bring something that is approved for you. And by bring something I don't mean be the weird kid who packs their own lunch. Bring something to share! Knowing that it was a BBQ I brought squash (enough for everyone) to be grilled alongside the burgers in case my only options were potato chips and egg salad. I also brought a batch of funfetti cookies (it killed me to bake them, they are my favorite!) so we didn't come looking like complete Paleo prudes.

Tip #2: Eat a good sized snack before you go. I've discovered over the past 3 weeks that showing up to a get together, party, dinner, what have you...it's never a good idea to come completely starving. You will end up hating yourself and wanting to cheat more than ever. If you have something in your stomach you will be more likely to be content with the healthier options available.

During the BBQ, while everyone else enjoyed a fully loaded burger, various potato chips, my funfetti cookies and devils food cake with ice cream (yes I nearly cried). I opted for a plain burger patty with sliced avocado on top and grilled squash on the side. No it wasn't the most fun meal, but it worked and I survived yet another social gathering while sticking to the whole30 challenge!
Week 3 updates
- I'm back to my normal workout routine
- Making my own sweet potato fries
- Drinking nearly a gallon of h20 per day
- 22 down, 8 days to go
- Aaaannndd I'm down 6lbs!


  1. Umm, since we both live in Orange County, let's PLEASE meet up for coffee and talk everything Whole30! hahaha but seriously.

  2. You are doing SO great!! I can't imagine being as determined as that, love it!

  3. I've been hearing lots about whole 30 lately and am tempted to try it...congratulations on your progress! It's encouraging to see :)

  4. Well done on not resisting and eating all the yummy food at the BBQ! I didn't know about this regime until I read it on your blog. I've just been reading about it and it seems like you have to be pretty disciplined, well done! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk