Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Working with retro.

I'm obeying my mothers request and still being adamant about searching for properties in our area. Although we are not pre-approved just yet (process takes forever with us self-employed people) she really wants us to educate ourselves on the market. I've taken it to a new level. Not only am I currently finding places, when I find a place I like (most of the time a fixer upper), I immediately go the Pinterest and see just how I would re-model that house or even specific rooms. Recently I came across this 1950's home that I immediately fell in love with. Dude, it was built in 1953, I'm bound to. To some it looks like a dumb with a long road ahead of it, to me I saw a road of extreme potential.

First things first, the kitchen. 
So oddly enough that flooring is awesome to me. Anything retro I love, but could let it go to make Paul happy! Compromise people, good for the marriage. The cabinets aren't deal breakers for me either. I honestly could leave the color but would most likely break out the electric sander and paint them. And that hanging light back there? Totes staying. I love lamp. 

Below is the Pinterest inspiration I found for this kitchen.
Keeping the original cabinets, but doing white to brighten the space up. Adding hardwood floors. White tiling and/or exposed brick backsplash and some fun mint or coral paint? Done. Add some concrete or butcher block countertops and we're in business peeps.

Next, this living room. 
Don't get me started on that green carpet and couches. But that brick fireplace and paneled wood walls? Let talk about them. I love that they give a 70's look. I'm also a huge fan of those 2 large sliding doors, allowing for a lot of natural light. Here's my vision for this room. 
Now okay, we don't have incredible 25 foot ceilings to work with here, but the grey brick fireplace and wood wall panelling is amazing. Turn those bricks grey, add wood floors, get me some modern bookshelves and I'd call it home. 

Like I said, really taking this pre-home searching to a new level but it keeps me excited and upbeat about the lengthy process. I think a fixer upper is really what I need! 


  1. I love how retro you are! So fun! That home would definitely be a fun one to remodel! :) good luck.

  2. Yes, you do! You have vision for what could be so I totally think you should get a fixer.