Monday, February 10, 2014

Health and work.

Well I'm still coughing like a 50 year old smoker, but other than that I'm feel much better than my last post! Luckily I survived our early morning LA shoot and then slept for practically 3 days. Thank you to those who send me "feel better" comments :) Means a lot. Here's a picture of Paul at our filming last Friday. The photo shoot took place in this amazing loft off of Santa Monica Blvd. White walls, exposed brick, beamed ceilings... I was in love. There was even a rooftop patio that they had transformed into a hangout area complete with a BBQ and outdoor sofas. Our view from the loft was the Hollywood sign, so there's that too. It was a cool day overall. I like my job.


  1. When you get big and popular, I'll be the first in line to be your assistant/intern/i just want to shoot cool videos person :)

    1. Deal! Not sure when that day will be but you'll be the first one we call :)

  2. omg. that place sounds like i need to live there. my los angeles dream <3 what a great opportunity for you guys! hope you feel 100% soon!