Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Onto a brand new journey.

Well we ended up not getting the little cottage I talked about briefly here...Yes we were a bit bummed, ok a lot bummed, but we are slowly accepting the fact that God just wants us elsewhere. That afternoon, in my "fragile state" as Paul says, I made my first beef stew in our crockpot. It turned out being exceptionally delicious! If you are interested in making this stew yourself when you are having an off day (or not) you can do so by finding the recipe here! I highly recommend it.

So one door closed on us but now we are in the beginning stages of a new journey, something brand new, getting pre-approved for our first home loan. My mom is a real estate agent and hinted to me recently that we should see what we can get pre-approved for. So, out of pure curiosity, we decided to do just that. We don't have our hopes up too high...banks don't exactly love the self-employed so we'll just wait and see what happens! Thanks to Pinterest I already have all my unrealistic dream home designs planned out! You know, exactly what Pinterest is best at ;-)


  1. Ahh sorry you didn't get the house! Love all these pinterest ideas!! xxoo Katie

  2. Good luck with the loan! My husband and I are on the verge of doing that as well! *FINGERS CROSSED*

  3. super sad face about the house. good luck on getting pre approved though! and once that happens and you work on your house, i can't wait to see all of these pinterest ideas come to life!