Monday, January 13, 2014

A fresh new week.

I was so relieved yesterday for it to be Sunday. After a couple let downs the past 7 days, a new week was just what I was needing. Currently we are house hunting and needing to move because our apartment complex doesn't allow dogs (cats only, huh?), plus after almost 4 years of apartment living Paul and I are really ready for a small house with a cute little yard! Summer night dinner parties? Yes please.
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We've been actively looking in Eastside Costa Mesa, an adorable but very competitive neighborhood to find a home to rent. It borders Newport Beach and my favorite thing about it is that many of the homes in Eastside are older but very charming and unique, some were even built back in the late 1920's! We've been searching for almost a month now and throughout this house hunting process I've learned just how draining the overall experience can be.

Despite how long we've been looking I am constantly reminding myself that God already knows where our perfect house is and even what day we will find it or if we already have :) Currently, we have an application in on an adorable cottage. It's seriously so cute, built in 1959, good sized front porch, white picket fence, spacious front + backyard, and the price is right. It seems too good to be true. While we are anxiously awaiting the landlord's decision (she has many applicants!) we've been reminding each other that although we really love the place, we only want it if it's ultimately where God wants us. It seems like recently each of my prayers have been ending the same way, "Take us where you want us Lord." 

In the midst of last weeks ongoing house hunt, we received other disappointing news. The litter that we were planning to pick our puppy from has turned out to be a false pregnancy. Apparently the mom had showed all signs of being pregnant, weight gain, difference in mood, her body even started creating milk! When her estimated due date passed, the breeder took her in for an X-ray. No pups inside. While we are bummed, it's a bit of a relief that we now have a little more time to look for the perfect place and to get settled before puppy comes. I've waited over 2 years for this puppy, what's a couple more months? Ultimately in all of this, I know the Lord is looking out for us throughout these transitions and changes in our lives and that gives me so much hope!
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