Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Christmas pics that didn't make the cut.

This year our friend's Troy & Aimee took our Christmas photos in their backyard. We couldn't think of any place in particular where we had to have them and T&A end up having a pretty cute yard so that's what we did! Love how they turned out. Here are a few images that didn't make the Christmas card cut but I still really like.

Raise your hand if your husband has more of a fashion sense than you do! Yup.
Matching Nixon watches...yes we did.

Annnnnd…here is this our 2013 Christmas card by Minted.
Also, I decided to clean things up a bit on the blog. New year = new fresh blog design.


  1. Love the Christmas Cards-you are such an adorable couple! :)

  2. LOVE all the guys are so photogenic!

    1. Kasey - trust me, there were many outtakes ;-)