Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I surrender January.

As most of the country is battling all time lows, I cant help but feel guilty that I've been legitimately upset that our current weather forecast reads temperatures in the low 80's and high 70's all week. So, instead of praying for a cold spell and rain, Paul and I just decided to embrace this wonderful mid-January sunshine with a beach day!
After getting some work done in the morning, we turned our computers off and packed our beach bags for an afternoon of sun-bathing, frisbee tossing, and orange slice eating while soaking up the warm sun. I may have also caught up on all of the celebrity gossip with the latest People magazine. We stayed until the sunset and then came back to make homemade pizza! Not a bad day to be living in Southern California. 


  1. this sounds just divine. my parents are in florida and they are constantly texting us warm, sunny beach photos and it just makes me so ready to be done with winter! glad you decided to enjoy the warm day at the beach. sounds great to me!

  2. I'm still bitter about this weather.
    It's just not right!

  3. Hahah YES love this! A friend and I were laying out in bikini's yesterday on Newport beach. Such a rough January, right? hahah!!

    1. I didn't know you are in the area! We go to Newport also :)