Monday, November 25, 2013


With my last post dated about 5 weeks ago, I guess we are due for an update. It makes me sad how little I've been blogging lately, hopefully I will find the inspiration to get back into it! So...Thanksgiving is on Thurs, super stoked on that...because let's be real, there's nothing better than stuffing yourself. So great, right? Our plan is to head down to San Diego on Thursday and make the rounds to each family. Since getting married, holidays have become quite the chore, every year Paul and I promise ourselves that next year "we are going away to Hawaii" or somewhere amazing to escape the madness...then next year comes and where are we? Yup, running around everywhere just like the year before. We really need to learn to keep our promises.

Other than preparing to conquer the holidays I've been anxious to move and continuously begging for a puppy...I guess that isn't much of an update, that's just been the past 2 years, lol. I would love to find a small house in Eastside Costa Mesa, it's just the cutest area and although we could never afford to buy there, renting a little cottage with a backyard for awhile would fulfill a dream of mine. Add a puppy in the backyard? My life just got made. Just waiting for the green light from the husband, he's a few weeks away from finals and unfortunately moving isn't on his mind. I plan to strike in mid-January. I'll let you know if I'm successful...

My half-marathon is just 5 weeks away now and I'm finally taking my training a little more seriously. I saw a friend a couple weeks ago for the first time in forever and her first words were, "wow, you look fit." My year was just made at that moment because I've been working really hard! I would highly recommend training for a half-marathon that falls just after Christmas, there's no guilt in all the holiday treats when you run a minimum of 4 miles a day!

Oh yes, we also recently took Christmas card photos! Paul and I normally dress pretty casual so we decided to dress up a little more than usual for this years pictures, I really love them!
Paul's outfit // Pants: J.Crew - Shirt: J.Crew - Bowtie: Nordstrom - Watch: Nixon
Kelley's outfit // Shirt: Madewell - Pants: Lucky - Watch: Nixon


  1. Such a cute picture!!! Happy thanksgiving girl! Love Katie

  2. yay! a gilster post! what a cute picture! have a fun thanksgiving!