Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So much change!

Paul and I in Julian, Ca for the annual family Pre-Christmas eve trip!
Well…there seems to be a lot to update on this time around! December has been a great month and we feel so lucky to be ending 2013 on such a high. First, Paul survived finals. Always an important update. So proud of that guy, he takes his studies so seriously and spends so much time on group projects and exams in the last few weeks of each semester. Three down and just one to go! In May he will have his Masters in Civil Engineering/Construction Management.

Second order of business. Last night (NYE) ended our 2013 wedding season. Shooting the last wedding of the year on the last day of the year just felt right so we went for it. Although we were technically working we enjoyed capturing an intimate/backyard wedding complete with food trucks and freshly made late night doughnuts. We obviously has nothing to complain about, it was pretty wonderful. Both Paul and I are overjoyed to be ending another successful year of business and are as excited as ever to venture into our 4th year!

Lastly and probably most important of all updates….We're in the process of looking for a new home! Why? We're becoming a family of three!! No not a baby, A PUPPY! Paul said YES. Many of my friends and family know just how long I've waited for this specific "yes." Roughly 2 years so it's been a long time coming. New year, new home, new puppy. 2014 I love you already! I could go on about the details but here is the nutshell.

1. Looking for a new home
2. Staying in Orange County, Ca
3. Puppy will be born any day now
4. We will have him/her sometime end of February or early March


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