Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our bedroom remodel.

After months, it seems like our bedroom remodel is nearly finished! We started pretty much from scratch by selling all of our bedroom furniture and trading them in for some of these pretties.

 This dresser was actually an Ikea hack project. It started out as THIS and turned into what you see above. It made sense to us to buy a dresser on the less expensive side and transform it into something that was us. Who knows how many more times we will move before we have purchased a home and furniture always takes a beating in any moving process. I would be less heartbroken if this guy got a couple scratches over the years. I think the rounded gold knobs are my favorite thing about it!
This nightstand was also a fellow Ikea hack project. Never doubt Ikea I'm telling you! I swore I was done with it but just kept crawling back...I found this idea on Pinterest where someone purchased an Ikea shelf, bought mid century legs from Ace hardware and made themselves an original looking night stand. So Brilliant! 
All of our furniture pieces have been relatively cheap. I plan to break down exactly how much we spent at the end of all of this, but our West Elm duvet cover and bedding was a bit of a splurge. Paul was reluctant but I then reminded him that one of our new furniture pieces I found at the thrift store for just $10! That changed his mind a little bit and he agreed. So we decided on this fun pattern. Everything else in our room is non-colorful so I wanted to bring in color with our bedding.

Next on our list of things are two new bedside lamps and some wall art. I JUST discovered today that Minted sells art, *gasp* how did I not know this?! For lamps, Paul has always loved the look of an industrial lamp. I was hesitant, but saw one in gold and loved the idea too. This one from West Elm looked amazing but once I saw it in stores I was a little disappointed in the quality, especially for $100.
So I'm on the hunt. Who knows, I may find the perfect one and give it a spray paint makeover?

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  1. Im Loving how it looks!!! Good job on that night stand!!!