Monday, October 7, 2013

A guest & a groomsmen.

Last weekend was crazy. Crazy and fun at the same time. Our trips to San Diego happen probably once a month. Most of the time because we are there for work and make a short vacay out of it, sometimes it's just a simple visit. Whatever we are there for, one this is for sure. I pack it with as many activities as I can. And totally unknowingly most of the time! Here's what happens in my mind…

"Oh we are going to San Diego next weekend?!" Immediately.

1. Text my hair girl and set up an appointment
2.  Proceed to text all of our San Diego friends and get together with ALL.OF.THEM.
3. Make a list of all our favorite places we must eat. Sometimes I can knock those out with a friend get together. I multitask - like that?
4. Paul follows my lead and gets a haircut too.
5. We may go on a date for old times sake.
6. I most likely run a race with my dad.

It's just craziness and I promise myself every time that I won't do it again. So last weekend was 4 of the 6 on that list, plus 1. Attending a rehearsal dinner, 2. Attending a wedding, 3. Shooting a wedding, 4. Taking Sienna (my mom's project pony) to her first horse show! Excuse me while I go to sleep and wake up this Friday.
What I'm wearing: Dress // Target, Wedges // Target, Belt // Target, Necklace // F21.
 Moral of this picture…I live at Target? Guess so.
Attending Trevor (Paul's best friend since 1st grade) and Hilary's wedding last friday was such a treat for us! I also got to go home with the cutest groomsman later that night. Aaayyeee! I say that a lot now. That and Duuuudde. Paul hates it. 

T & H had their wedding at a public park in Carlsbad, just a few hundred feet from the beach that we all grew up going to so it will full of fond memories. We had fun relaxing with 80 of their friends and family, indulging in a fajita buffet, and drinking great wine…all while celebrating two amazing people. Never mind that the mosquitos had a thanksgiving feast on my legs. I counted 32 bites the next morning. People probably think I have chickenpocks. Awesome. Would do it all over again! 

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