Monday, August 26, 2013

It's finally happening.

The bedroom re-do has begun! This time it's not just an idea or something we would like to accomplish, it's happenin! We were lucky enough to have this past weekend off and in the midst of catching up with friends (who we have sadly been neglecting these past 2.5 months), we also started on renovating our bedroom. First things first was our headboard. I had pinned many DIY headboard projects and this one was one that Paul and I both liked. Plus, Paul knew how easy it would be to build. Here was our inspiration...
image via Pinterest
Not only was it super easy to make (Paul had it done in about an hour), it was very cheap as well! We walked out with the wood and some screws as materials for $45. Yes! This weekend I also finally narrowed down a few images from my "Nesting" Pinterest board and came up with our inspiration for the entire room! 

I'm obsessed with this room. The layout, design, color tones. All of it. I especially love the mix of the grey paint
and the stain of the dresser.
This side table is from West Elm which I would LOVE to own but not for $200. I thrifted a similar table a few month
back for $10. Total steal. I plan to sand and refinish it for our new bedroom!
Gah what I would give to have this beauty in my room. Sadly they are
sold out at Anthro
We are planning to Ikea hack a dresser to get something like this!
 Pics are coming soon! Pinky promise.


  1. love all your inspiration pics! can't wait to see the final result.

  2. All of these photos are so great! LOVE that bedspread from Anthro especially.

  3. I'm dying to see what you guys did!! I love that comforter !!!