Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm back!!

Wow. A whole month of no blogging! And it wasn't even by accident ;-) I feel like nothing super significant has happen throughout July and this first part of August. Just work basically and I hate blogging about work all.the.time. One huge blessing was the 10 day family trip we took to Montana with Paul's fam. This trip knows just how to fill be back up and rest my mind, it seriously comes at the perfect week each year! We feel so lucky that Paul's grandma opens her cabin up to us each year and graciously hosts all us crazies. The trip was full of hiking, boating, swimming, and just lounging (the best). We spend a lot of time just hanging out together, playing dominoes and partaking in a few competitive rounds of croquet. Perfect. Paul's sis played with our camera and snapped a couple photos of me one afternoon.

Other updates…

We are still currently re-doing our master bedroom, can't even tell you how over our plain jane Ikea furniture I am… Again, nothing against Ikea, we just had a completely different style when we were newlyweds and it's time for a refresher!

Paul starts his last year of grad school in a couple of weeks, I can almost see him grasping these last moments of summer before he is back to the grind. And he got a Pinterest! Love that guy.

A friend of mine is currently getting her personal training certificate and I've volunteered as one of her first clients, my body immediately hated me for that.

That's all I can think of now!! :)


  1. Love these pictures Kelley. You are so pretty!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time- Montana looks amazing and so peaceful!! Lovely photos of you:)