Monday, June 24, 2013

Celebrating 3 years of marital bliss.

Marital bliss... that is such a funny phrase to me. Married folks, would you agree? It is written all over our wedding cards that I have kept like a dedicated pack rat, the phrases read: "may your life together be full of marital bliss," "wishing you a lifetime of marital bliss."etc, etc. Although I truly believe that marital bliss exists and that I can say that we've experienced the blessing of it; as I sat across from my husband at our favorite hole in the wall Italian restaurant last week on our anniversary, I thought of the past 3 years. Sometimes it was full of bliss and sometimes it wasn't. But that's marriage. Before I was a Mrs. my own idea of marital bliss was, "a couple who never argues, always respects one another and loves each other selflessly each and everyday." That was marital bliss to the naive pre-mrs gilster Kelley 3 years ago. Now, I see marital bliss in a whole new light. Bliss to me now is the blessing of having a companion by your side, even when you might not be exactly agreeing on everything, or when a selfish quality arrises resulting in a not so fun fight. Marital bliss to me now is the never ending forgiveness that comes from being husband & wife and best friends. That in those moments of selfishness, your companion can still love you enough to forgive and move on. Those are the times in our marriage over the past 3 years that have displayed marital bliss to me. Paul, I love you. May we continue to grow in love together more every year and experience more marital bliss than we did the year before.

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