Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear June, let's play nice now.

I knew June was going to kick my butt. I knew it back in February, so I really can't say that it came as a surprise. But man, this month is hard! And the part that makes me the most tired is that we are only half way thru it. The past two weekends we have made to road trip from Orange County to Napa Valley, roughly an 8 hour drive, 16 hours to/from. Let's just say that Paul & I have really mastered the art of road tripping together (oh and which gas stations have the best bathrooms) between here and San Fran. I think we actually like them now. This weekend we had our first experience with AirBnb. We've heard great things and to be honest all of the Napa hotels were waaayyy too pricey so we decided to give it a try. Check out this adorable modern guest home we scored for the weekend! It you are ever in that area we would HIGHLY recommend it. 


  1. Next time you make your way up north, you have to stop at the rest stop/pee stop area in Patterson (which is directly off I-5) and get a coffee at starbucks so i can come say hi. ps....the bathroom aint too shabby either. and if you aren't feeling that..theirs a buttload (is that ok to say? ) of other places to grub/tinkle ahha. basically what i am trying to say is you should stop so i can come say hi. k thanks ahha

  2. That place is so cute!
    I'm definitely keeping AirBnB in mind for the near future :)