Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Is it wrong to miss just dating?

Dating. Dating is fun, right? If you are married you may know exactly what I mean. To be back in that time with your spouse where everything was new, things were exciting and unknown. Just being able to spend 30 minutes together talking made your week, I could go on and on and probably come up with 50 other sappy examples but I'm sure you get my point :). I personally totally took the dating days with Paul for granted. I just COULDN'T WAIT to be married. Don't get me wrong, we still had a ton of fun in those 4 years as BF & GF, but I remember never fully being content because I was constantly looking ahead to what was next for us. Marriage. 

Just this past month Paul's little sister began dating her very first boyfriend. She is 19 and officially started a relationship with a boy who she went to high school with and who actually grew up across the street from me. Adorable. Last week she got her wisdom teeth out and instagram-ed this picture.
Her caption read..."Well, I guess getting my wisdom teeth out has its benefits, thank you Anthony for being amazing! Your know me too well." Gah! I suddenly realized how much I missed those 4 years before marriage, those same years that I could not get out of fast enough. I never realized it until now how special those years were. I now encourage all my friends who are eagerly waiting for that rock to simply enjoy those moments. When you think about it, the time you spend dating your spouse is really such a small and special time of life when you look at the big picture. Marriage changes a lot, more than you expect it to when you are on the outside looking in and "dating your spouse" is probably one of the biggest challenges that couples face after years and years of life together. I know for Paul and I it is. I've yet to read it but have her great things about "Date your Wife" by Justin Buzzard. Would love to hear if any of you out there have read it and what your thoughts are on rekindling that dating excitement in your marriage now.

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  1. I totally know where you're coming from girl! I miss the dating part of a relationship as well.