Thursday, May 30, 2013

My summer project.

I've announced it subtly in another blog post but here is a more official "coming out." An unexpected summer project came my way about a month ago. My mom bought a pony. A pony too small for her to ride so she has graciously handed her over to me for the next few months; while we take baby steps towards training and ultimately showing later this year. Training a pony is completely new to me and its safe to say that she is teaching me as much as I'm teaching her. 
Coming into official wedding season just two weeks ago, it wasn't the most ideal situation for this project pony to come into the picture. She is about 25 minutes south of our place at a barn in San Juan Capistrano. I work with her 5x a week. Spending about 3 hours from the time I leave my apartment to getting home per day. Growing up around horses my entire life I knew what a commitment this would be for me, but I couldn't say no and now I'm glad I didn't. This pony gives me balance. Without her I would spend my entire day indoors, locked in my office, and glued in front of a computer. This project gives me a reason to break up my work day, get outside, and really enjoy "barn life" again. She provides me with exercise, joy, and a breath of fresh air. Thankful to have this little (sometimes rotten) pony in my life right now!

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  1. What a cute girl! I have been riding and showing since I was a little girl and horses have always been my self-care and "me time". My horse moved across the country with me several times and putting her down a couple years ago was heartbreaking. Until I started grad school I was riding almost on a daily basis because I had the best job training babies and teaching beginner lessons. I miss it intensely and hope you'll share some barn life for the rest of us to enjoy :)