Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Must have fitness apps!

A few weeks ago my dad invited me to run a second 15k (9.3 miles) with him. Read about my first experience here. With each race, whether it is a 5k, 10k, or 15k my goal has always been to beat the time I ran before. Last 10k I was able to take over 2 minutes off my personal best, which is always exciting! With the 15k just 4 weeks away I've been looking for ways to keep me motivated and healthy. I soon came across 2 apps that I have been loving and would recommend to anybody!

Lose it! - In the midst of training for this race, I'm still working on dropping a couple more pounds in the process. I've heard time and time again that logging what you eat daily can do amazing things on its own. The "Lose it" app does just that, PLUS allows you to record your height/weight/age (all of that..) & then what your desired weight would be. From there, you can decide on a time frame of when you want to reach your desired weight and at what rate you want to lose it! With the info given, the app gives a suggested amount of daily calorie intake to reach your goal. You can log your meals, exercise and weight daily while the app calculates everything to keep you on track. I'm 1 week in and really loving how user friendly and motivating it is!

Map my Run - My friend Natalie (who is also running the 15k) introduced me to this amazing app. No more "guess-timating" how long you ran or if you are improving your split times. Map my Run is a GPS app that follows you on your run and is able to calculate the miles ran, calories burned, average mile time, and total time exercising. I love it! I've also noticed that with me knowing that I have something that is "timing" me, I'm suddenly making much more of an effort to pick up the pace.  


  1. Yah those running apps, are pretty cool. Good luck on your 15K!!

  2. Good luck on your run!!! I use myfitnesspal instead of lose it.. It sounds like the same style of app.

  3. i use loseit too! and i use nike training club and nike run apps. love them all! i'll have to check out the others though!

  4. I'm gonna have to download both of these apps!
    Good luck with your 15k! :)