Saturday, February 16, 2013

our unplanned v-day.

Dang you husband for slowly turning me into a Valentines day sap. Totally against my will I tell you. We weren't planning any sort of celebrations for the 14th (as you can read about here), but apparently Paul had completely different plans. Here's what happened.

1. Slept in till 11am
2. Decided on showering
3. At some point agreed to walk into my office
4. Paul leaves out of the blue, returns with flowers (wildflowers, not roses. Man, he knows me), a cute dress from target & some groceries for dinner & fondu that night. What?! This guy...

Later that afternoon we packed a lunch, drove to Laguna & hiked/picnicked. Not specifically for Valentines day..but it got pretty sappy anyways. The hills in Laguna are too beautiful this time of year, plus we were blessed with 80 degree weather nearly all weekend so that's not too shabby I guess. We brought our SLR along & pretended to be photographers..maybe I will get around to blogging a few soon :) Until then..iPhone's here to do the job.
See what I mean? Common..Laguna or New Zealand?


  1. unplanned dates are the best :)

  2. Wow, that is so sweet! Sounds like a lovely Valentines Day!

  3. aww this is adorable! You valentine's day sounds absolutely perfect!

  4. wow what a great unplanned v-day, some days like that are the best because there are no expectations so everything can just go up from not knowing what is happening. and laguna is the best and last week's weather was the best and looks like this week it will be beautiful too!

  5. Perfect day. Seriously, those gifts he got you were so thoughtful!

  6. I'm totally jealous that you slept in until 11am. That sounds glorious.
    LOVE those two photos from your picnic. Laguna is so pretty..all the time!