Tuesday, January 8, 2013

San Diego, you're my favorite. 15k completed, what?

With no plans tying us down last weekend, we decided to make the short drive down to San Diego for a friends trip! Normally when we are in SD we are solely visiting family and switching back & forth between houses. Just coming off of the holidays, we've had our family fix for awhile & recently, we've had so many friends come up and visit us that we decided we should return the favor.

The boys golfed, the girl went antiquing, got our puppy fix, discovered hard cider, and had great dinners. Trip successful. 

My dad knew that we were coming down so Friday I got a call from him inviting me to run to run15k with him that Sunday morning. A 15k?!? I didn't even know what distance that was! Luckily it was a 5k/15k race so you could choose what best suited you. Of course I opted for the 5k, only to find out the morning of the race that my dad had signed me up for the 15k! 9.3 miles. I felt sick to my stomach. I hadn't trained for a distance like that let alone ever ran that distance before! It was 6:30am, 42 degrees outside (cali girls don't do well under 60), & the race was ready to begin in 20 minutes. I began mentally preparing myself for it, trying my hardest to wrap my mind around running a little over 9 miles. Trying to stay as positive as possible! My step sister was there to document the whole journey.
Here we are at mile 3 feeling great!
                    Onto mile 5, still feeling surprisingly strong!
Mile 7 "Point to what hurts!" at this point my right knee was giving me some trouble
but with only 2.3 miles left I had to work thru it!

We finished & never once walked!!! 9.3 miles completed and I'm still in awe as to how I did it. I know I definitely couldn't have done it without these 2 who were there the whole way building me up with confidence!


  1. 9 miles! That is amazing, I did a 3 mile run and nearly died. You've inspired me to kick it up a notch :)

  2. That is awesome that you completed a 15K! The most I have done is a 10K and I walked during mine haha

    1. with all the your adrenaline you can totally do a 15k! Get it girl

  3. Wow, good for you girl! That is so awesome that you could do that with your dad and finish!

    The hubs and I might be moving down to SD for a coaching job, so ANY recommendations on good neighborhoods/churches/restaurants/anything would be great!

  4. Hi Kasey, how exciting!! Where in SD will your husband we coaching? SD feels like such a big area, hard to pinpoint since there are so many fun places! But I'd love to give you some suggestions :)