Friday, January 4, 2013

A first time ever hair tutorial.

Last night my sister in law came to stay with us for the day, which turned into a sleepover and common on, who doesn't still love sleepovers? In the midst of our spontaneous sleepover, we decided to make a hair tutorial for a style I blogged about a while back, a couple people commented asking for a "how to" video and here it is! Now, before watching, know this. We did this in 1 take! So please excuse our awkward ness, my ability to say "so" 16x and my frequent use of the word "super" I didn't even know that I used that word. Enjoy!


  1. so stinkin' cute! I wish my hair was a little bit thicker...

    1. you can totally still rock it, just pull less hair forward for a smaller braid in front :)