Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CSUF Lockdown.

It started as a normal Wednesday..I stay home as Wednesday is my main work day and Paul has classes for 6 hours. As much as I love CSUF's gym, I'm sorry gym you can't keep me that occupied. Paul left for class around 3:30 and I planned for an afternoon of Christmas shopping & getting my eyebrows done (...people were mistaking me for Sasquatches wife, they had to go). I had left heaven on earth Paper Source when I got a text message from Paul. Now normally we savor our alone time so getting a text from him is rare. It was somewhat brief.."I just got an email saying that students need to stay inside, there is an armed suspect on campus." By then I was in Crate & Barrel and my mind went zombie blank. I must have looked at the same Christmas ornament for 7 minutes. I wandered around the store trying to look "serious shopper" when I probably just looked like a lost puppy. I was genuinely worried, and I'm not a worrier at all. The night before Paul and I had just talked about the shooting in Oregon and what we would do in that scenario. I felt so helpless, I mean, no one really has a course on how one should act when their husband is locked in a library and there could be a potential shooter on campus. Believe me, I would take it. I felt so mindless as I ventured out of C&B knowing nothing was going to get accomplished there and wandered into Anthropologie (priorities, I know). Texting back and forth with Paul, he reassumed me that he was safe and locked in the library. My phone was running low on battery so I cut my Christmas shopping short and "lost puppied" it out of the mall to head home. At one point I hadn't heard from Paul for an hour, which felt like 17 hours…finally my phone rang, it was Paul! He was still held in the library and wasn't sure how long he would be there but that his phone was going to die..oh perfect. Inside, I knew he was safe, there were so many armed police officers and SWAT teams that he was basically in a germ-free bubble, but you just never know! To pass the time I took a bubble bath and texted all our friends and family to keep them updated and ask for prayer. God answered because minutes later Paul let me know that he was on his way home!!!! I had never been so relieved to see this face walk thru the door.
love this guy.


  1. I was on my way to LAX and the LA radio station was talking about a lockdown at CSF but I didn't know it was an armed suspect! Did they catch whoever it was?!! That's scary. Glad he's safe and you're now worry free!

  2. That's terrifying ! I saw it on the news! So glad he's okay! Now time to cherish one another non stop because these situations can come out of nowhere! I would've freaked! :0

  3. My coworkers were talking about this at lunch today. That is so crazy AND scary!
    So glad that Paul came home safe and sound!

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  5. how scary!! It is amazing how quickly our sense of safety can be completely crushed when something like this happens. Hopefully no one was hurt. I am so glad he got out safely!