Wednesday, December 12, 2012

makin' traditions together.

Third married Christmas. How did that happen? It seems like last month we were celebrating our first where we helplessly tried to master Pauls mom's sugar cookie recipe, which basically wanted nothing to do with us and we barely had enough money in our monthly budget to afford a tree. I now look back on those times and smile. We decided this year we should make a homemade ornament in honor of creating a new Christmas tradition. We had gone out to a friends "Chrismakkuh" party earlier that night...
Once we got home all I wanted to do is stare at this beautiful/delicious smelling tree in the corner of our room. I may have a crush on this thing…Somehow I decided that sleeping in our living room next to our tree would be a great idea (good one Kelley). I got together our extra sheets, pillows, blowup mattress and my best convincing skills to get Paul to agree. We made popcorn, played a little Mario Kart, and each got to open 1 present to each other. We made it about 3.5 hours on the air mattress until Paul nudged me and said it was time to go back to our own bed. Apparently poor air mattress just wasn't cutting it. Don't worry, we'll shoot for at least 5 hours next time.


  1. i do have a crush on our tree too i love coming down and smelling it, hanging the ornaments and lights on the three. this is our 3rd christmas being married too!

    1. third Christmas too?! …time to make a tradition and ornament about it. ;-)

  2. i can just imagine you asking paul to sleep next to the tree. that's awesome!