Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesdays + me. meant to be.

Wednesday's…my trashy show watching, house cleaning, do my hair/makeup, catch up on work, basically best day of my week days. I have the apartment and as much as I love Paul, he totally distracts me from my work. While he's gone at school I've also been surprising him with new Pinterest inspired recipe's when he gets home. As "home maker" as that just's not. Half the time I get a, "maybe let's try something different next time?" We're way past the days of pretending ;-) Last night was actually a hit (for once) I made cheesy oven potato/bacon chips w/ chipotle ranch dip. Delicious as an appetizer!

find recipe HERE
Ooohh. Remember back when I was deciding what to do with my hair this fall? The options were 1. ombre or 2. dark.. I did neither. Totally chickened out of both. But did go a tad bit darker. Hey, I'm working my way there! I am seeing a little red in there though, my inner "wish I were ginger" self is loving it.

We are San Diego bound this weekend! It's homecoming at our High School so we decided to give Paul's sister a ride home from college join in on the festivities! ;-)

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  1. Cheesy Bacon Chips=What I want for breakfast. Thanks a lot! :)