Tuesday, September 25, 2012

to late to the party?

Friday I have a much needed hair appointment, which always happens. As much as I want to be the girl with fresh highlights every 6-7 weeks, I never will. I myswell tell my hair girl (Nikki, who da bomb) that i'll see her in 4 months. That's the truth. While I'm searching for hair inspiration while it is finally FAAALL. Holy heck I'm so excited. I turned to Pinterest.

...and when I say I turn to Pinterest, what I really mean to say is "Lauren Conrad" because I love me some LC. She just has the best hair. So after my research the question remains, is going Ombre out? Will I be too late to the party? If not, I'm all about it. 

Or..should I go brunette like I did a couple years ago..

Once again. I need your help!! I'm just unable to make any decisions on my own. :) Plus, it's much more fun to hear what you think! 


  1. I just went and got myself a very subtle ombre....and i love it! its just different enough to see the difference in my hair color without being a complete shock to my system! Ombre is a great way to help save your hairs health too!!(you won't have to be coloring it as often) ...and pocketbook from having to go get touchups all the time. Im currently in cosmetology school and i can tell you that it is still very much in style, and many people are still coming in wanting the look! I think it would look super great on you...especially one like LC's! gorge!

  2. Replies
    1. aww..I just miss my kow in general

  3. Gosh, isn't LC gorgeous?! I have been having the itch to go dark for fall but at the same time, that is what everyone does. I love being blonde so much so I might just stick with it. I love your hair but that pic when you were darker looks good too! I'm no help! :) lol